NTSC and PAL support

Today we fixed NTSC & PAL support. 

for this we have to detect the type of machine we're running on, this can be achieved by a simple blob of code

    lda #$00     
    sta isNTSC
w0: lda $d012
w1: cmp $d012
    beq w1   
    bmi w0
    cmp #$37
    beq isPal    
    inc isNTSC

this is counting the raster lines of the machine, where the low byte of the count is ( found here )

#$37 -> 312 rasterlines
#$06 -> 263 rasterlines
#$05 -> 262 rasterlines

next in our game update loop. for NTSC we have a clock counter that increments and runs the game logic for 5 frames, then skips a frame. this forces the logic to run at the same speed on pal vs ntsc 

This change also pushed me to make a few optimizations, to perform correctly with NTSC. we have a chunk less time to run the game in. 

 the easy one was for the baddies. I now only check for ground collisions when we've moved to a different cell than we're on. this reduces the workload quite a bit, as when I was initially throwing this together I checked for ground every frame.  This same fix was applied to the elevators. 

we also fiddled with the border knock out routine, and fixed the screen shake to not affect the bottom text display. which may or may not be used in the end. 


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Very interesting to read about this common issue between NTSC/PAL for support. These posts are great! keep em coming :)

thanks there was a silly typo here. I fixed that.