Simple battle dice RPG for C64 in less than 4096 bytes. 

Joystick in port 2. 
Fire button to perform action. If there's a prize you'll pick it up. if not you'll attack ( if there's a monster ) 
attack is rolling 3 dice and the monster then rolls 3 dice. the highest number deals damage to the player or monster.

Originally for the Reset64 Craptastic4k competition, but I was a few days late to the deadline, as my real job went bananas right before the final week.

Thanks to for the name. for the nugget of the idea, and permission to run with it. for charpad and spritepad. for the awesome Kickassembler. for Exomizer.

Sound FX player from an example I found, I don't recall where from. I'm sorry about that.

Laxity and Excess suck. sucks. 

Fixed a bug with the dice. Updated to 1.2 
released source code. 


You can play it locally on your C64 or via emulator

or play here or Megastyle or Reset64 pages only.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
Tags4kb, Commodore 64


crap4kexo.prg (1.2) 3 kB


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Interesting concept with hughes orientation to become a great RPG game ! Congrats.

Cheers !

C64 Masters, checkout another new C64 game.

Dear itchy2, is there a demo to ´publish your game ? so, I will ´romote your game in many facebook channels included mine I run. Greetings !

This is not my game.

why sucks? Because cracking games?

That's between me and them. They may not remember how they acted towards me, but I do.

I understand. 


I am absolutely smitten by what fits into what 4k ?!?! What?? That's like, a complete game there! I was playing this for half an hour straight! You could do so much with 4k -- I wonder what you could do if you made something like a bigger version of this game! Holy cow!

Wow thanks!


this is nice. i liked it.

thanks a bunch !


This is great fun, love the graphics and the mechanics

thanks !

(2 edits) (+1)

I've noticed that after restarting the level, the behaviour gets a little bit funky. The fire button doesn't work immediately and you can pick up one thing and avoid combat with monsters. It works as long as I won't deliberately challenge any monster. I take this as the opportunity to get further in this game :D.


Fun game, so bad it didn't make it to the compo. It plays really well on the real thing! I love the atmosphere and graphic details, like skulls spread over the whole place. Once I went to the other location but the entrance to go back wasn't there. Not sure if this is a secret passage though!

yes you found a secret .... or a bug .... probably a secret :P